Born by the sea, destined to travel.



Aegean Foodscapes, which is founded on the island of Lesvos, provides brokerage services for commercial businesses whose entrepreneurs wish to be supplied with foods and drinks of high quality, from selected producers – merchants from the island of Lesvos and from other Aegean islands as well.

Our mission is to support the incomparable value of the Mediterranean diet in the international market, to put forward the dynamic of the Greek food artisanship and the aspiration of our producers. We carefully select those who keep the gastronomic culture of their homeland alive, who use the best raw materials and the traditional methods of processing. We seek not only the characteristic traditional goodies, but also innovative goods which combine the tradition with the modern gastronomic trends and create the new, gourmet approach of the Greek cuisine.

It is our commitment, to recommend you products which abide by the highest international specifications of production – typification, as they are defined by the markets of the European Union and other countries, at competitive prices.
We guarantee the rapidity and the transparency of all our transactions and the safe transportation of our products.

Apart from the tradition, at Aegean Foodscapes, we represent a new generation of people who serve with morals and new ideas the most ambitious sector of the contemporary Greek entrepreneurship.